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Body cam footage from the Williams Bay Police Department interacting with Brent Mansky on Sept. 21. Mansky reports troubled juveniles running around his subdivision and expresses anger at lack of police presence. 

The second body camera footage from the Williams Bay Police Department interacting with Brent Mansky on Sept. 21, 2023. Mansky reports juveniles "circling" his residence and expresses wanting to press charges against the juveniles who attempted to toilet paper his property. 

Body camera footage from a Williams Bay School Resource Officer from Friday, Sept. 22, 2023. The officer questioned two high school students who were involved in an incident at the home of Whitewater High School Principal Brent Mansky on Sept. 21, 2023.

United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in the Blackhawk Region. We are united in purpose.

Chimney swifts begin to circle the chimney at Washington Elementary School before roosting inside for the night. That particular suncity school features the largest amount of the migrating birds in town with a recent count of over 1500.

Pilot Phil Woodworth, 82, flies his powered parachute behind his rural Evansville home on a recent evening. Woodworth has been flying the these types of aircrafts since 1991.

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Jeremey Duncan recites his poem "The Door" after his submission was recently picked as the winner in a creative writing program at the Rock County Jail. The program was recently expanded to include the broader jail population.

Businesses in suncity's westside downtown are working on strategies to continue to drive customer traffic during a full rebuild of West Milwaukee Street that will shut down sections of the main thoroughfare for weeks. Full story: /news/business/businesses-readyi…

suncity Police Chief Dave Moore releases his findings from the department’s internal investigation of the fatal March shooting of Christian A. Cargill.

The world-wide famous eagle fledglings in Decorah, Iowa receive catered meals from mom and dad who dip into he nearby fish hatchery all day along. But smaller birds raising their own families are suspicious of the fledglings and dive bomb them trying to drive them away.

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While nothing can replace coming together physically on May 17 to celebrate our seniors, we hope this one-of-a-kind commencement is glorious in its own way.